WSC Range Rules

"Failure to observe these rules may result in membership termination"

1. Members are urged to make a courtesy call to the Moultonborough Police Department @ 476-2400 advising them of your range use.

2. Range Officer(s), when in attendance are in charge of the firing line. Range Officers are there for your safety and assistance. A Range Officer when present shall have complete and final control of the firing line. Failure to obey a Range Officer, or these rules, will subject the member to disciplinary action or termination.

3. Range users MUST RECORD their name, member number, date and times in/out.  Current WSC members in good standing may sponsor up to 2 people for a One Day Membership per visit to the club. Guest and non members are not allowed on any WSC range.

4. RANGE HOURS are Monday thru Saturday 9:00AM to sunset and SUNDAY 11:00AM to sunset. Sunset as reported for Moultonborough NH. Exceptions and special programs shall be scheduled in advance by the Board of Directors.

5. Suitable EYE and ear PROTECTION are MANDATORY in the range areas. The use of suitable eye and ear protection is suggested in all other areas of the club property.

6. CEASE FIRE COMMAND: Anyone may call a “Cease Fire” if a safety concern is observed. When a ceasefire command is given firearms are to be immediately unloaded and placed on the bench in front of the shooter with the muzzle facing down range or in a rifle rack with the action opened. Shooter will wait for further commands.

7. Handgun and rifle shooting may take place from the shooting shed. Handgun shooting only is allowed on the handgun range. Rifles and long guns are prohibited on the handgun range. All shooting from the shooting shed must be at the 25yard berm or beyond. No portable targets of any type may be placed between the firing line and the 25yard berm. Note: The handgun/pistol range will be closed during scheduled Trap shooting Events.

8. No fully automatic firearms are allowed unless fired in the semi-automatic mode. SHOT SIZE shall be LIMITED To 7, 71/2, 8 and 9 on the trap field. Firearms are limited to nothing greater than a .50 caliber center fire standard load .50 caliber BMG ammo is not allowed. Muzzle loaders are exempt from this rule.

9. All firearms shall be unloaded and the action open until ready to fire on the firing line. Except, concealed carry permit holders may carry a loaded, holstered firearm  removing it from the holster only when on the firing line. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN HANDLING FIREARMS.

10. All firearms, other than the exception in rule 9 shall have their action open, unloaded and the muzzle pointed down range and placed on the bench unless actually being fired. Long guns shall be placed, unloaded, with the action open pointed down range on the bench or in the racks provided behind the firing lines.

11. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SHOOTERS DOWN RANGE AND SAFETY LIGHTING The club has installed Range Safety Warning Lights in an effort to improve safety issues at the club’s ranges. Prior to a shooter going down range for any reason, a Cease Fire will be called and the lights activated via the switch at the sign in shelf. An audible notice as well as the activation of the lights will be made. When it has been determined that both the 100 yd. range and the trap range are in a cease fire mode- all shooters shall bench their firearm(s) with the action open, unloaded with muzzles facing down range. Semi Auto firearms will be placed on the bench with the slide open, magazine removed and the chamber empty. Revolvers will be benched in a similar manner with the cylinder opened. Rifles may be placed in the rifle racks on the back wall of the shed with their actions opened. Use of Chamber Warning Flags is recommended. All shooters in the trap dock will secure their shotguns with the action open. Shotguns may be placed in the shotgun racks.

At that point people may go forward to attend to their targets or electric thrower. The lights will be turned off only upon the return of all people from in front of the firing lines. After the Commence Fire command is given all shooting will be permitted to continue.

12. Target material may be of paper, metal, or plastic jugs containing water. NO EXPLODING TARGETS ARE PERMITTED. Members are required to remove all target residues when finished shooting. From the shooting shed paper targets may be affixed to target backers in front of the 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard berms. Spinning type targets may be placed on top of the 25 or 50yard berm only; no spinning type targets may be placed on the ground in front of the berms.

12 A. On the handgun range commercial or homemade freestanding target stands may be used, they must be placed between the 12.5 foot mark and the 50 foot mark and the target must be 5 feet above the ground so that the bullet will hit the 50 foot berm after going through the target. Spinning type targets may be placed on the ground in at the 50 foot mark only, no closer to the firing line than 50 feet. Paper targets may be affixed to target backers in front of the 50 foot berm. SHOTS FIRED AT TARGETS MUST NOT RICOCHET OFF THE GROUND BEFORE HITTING A BERM. METALLIC TARGETS MUST BE MANUFACTURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH INDUSTRY  STANDARDS FOR METAL TARGETS. AMMUNITION MUST BE OF THE PROPER CALIBER AND DESIGN FOR THE TYPE OF METAL BEING USED. ALL SHOTS FIRED AT METALLIC TARGETS MUST RICOCHET DOWNWARD
Reactive ground bouncing targets are prohibited on all ranges.

13. The use of shotguns on the 100yd pistol/rifle range shall be limited to slugs only. The area between the trap dock and the ballistic wall shall be used for shotgun practice. Members and guests must use target stands provided by the club or supply their own. Shooters must position themselves so that the rounds are fired in the direction of the 100 yd. berm.

14. Use of DOWN RANGE WARNING SYSTEM. Instructions for the use of this system are posted on the wall by the sign-in book. Please follow the instructions posted  when anyone is down range.


Revised 1/5/2018

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