WSC Bowling Pin Shoot Rules


The pin shoots are scheduled from May thru October. The handgun and rifle pin shoots alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, please check the clubs calendar on the website for the scheduled event. Saturday times will be registration and setup at 8AM, shooting at 9AM. Sunday registration and setup will start at 10AM and shooting will begin at 11AM. Variations and special events will be posted on the clubs website calendar and Facebook Page.

These games are a lot of fun for all levels of marksmanship. For anyone who has not participated in one of these events before we will give you personal instruction and a practice round prior to the start of the competition. This goes for both rifle and pistol shoots.

The competition is fairly simple. There are bowling pins set on two tables, you shoot against another shooter and he or she who drops all the pins off the table first wins the round. It is double elimination, so even if you lose your first round you will have another chance. These rules vary a bit from rifle and handgun divisions but are for the most part the same. Rifles are shot at 25 yards and handguns at 25 feet. So this is not a distance completion.

For the rifle pin shoots the firearms are limited to 22LR with any type of sighting system or action you choose. Based on past events there is no advantage to open sights verses telescopic. Tubular magazines may be loaded with 12 rounds, clips may be loaded with 8 rounds with a total of 24 rounds. There will be two (2) separate categories one for semiautomatic rifles and a second category that includes lever, bolt and pump action rifles.
Handgun pins shoots are separated into two groups, center fire and rim fire. Although most shooters use a semiautomatic, some use revolvers with great success. Rim fire is limited to 22LR, center fire may be 9mm, 40, 45 ACP, 45 Clot, 38 and similar rounds but no magnums are allowed. For both groups you are limited to 24 rounds with an 8 round maximum per clip. Revolvers are welcome but are still limited to 24 rounds. Full size pins are used for the center fire event and the pin must leave the table. Pin tops are used for the rim fire event but the pin must just fall either on or off the table.

Safety is always important. In short, guns not on the firing line, will remain unloaded with actions open either in cases or on racks or tables provided. If you carry a handgun it must remain holstered at all times. And general range rules must be followed. Everyone will follow the instructions given by the Range Officer in charge. WSC does not allow guest to any event. Everyone at the WSC range must be a member or One-day member whether participating or observing.

The donation per event is $5.00. There are no prizes awarded to the winner. But this year when you sign in you will be given a raffle ticket. At the end of the event a winning ticket will be drawn which will reward you with the return of your donation for the day.

Shooting Commands

Shooters to the Line – At this command, the two shooters for the current relay will take their place at their respective Firing Line Table and place their speed loaders or magazines on the table together with their unloaded firearm with the action open and an empty chamber indicator inserted into the chamber.

Shooters Load and Make Ready – At this command, the two shooters will load their firearm, place it back on the table and stand in the ready position. The ready position consists of the shooter standing, facing the pins, with both hands raised above their shoulders as in a surrender position.

Ready on the Left, Ready on the Right – The official running the line shall ask each competitor if they are ready. If you are not ready let it be known in a loud voice.

Shooters, wait for the signal – When the signal occurs (“Fire” is spoken, a whistle blown, or an air horn sounds), the shooters pick up their firearm and commence to fire at the targets.

Cease Fire or a Second Signal – When this is heard, the shooters will immediately stop firing, clear and empty their firearm, insert an empty chamber indicator put their firearm down pointing in a safe direction and wait for the next command. If a shooter has ‘cleared the table’ (see Rule # 4), all shooting will stop.

Unload and Show Clear – Upon hearing this command, each shooter will unload their firearm, remove the magazine or open the cylinder and insert an empty chamber indicator. The official, upon observing a safe firearm, shall tap the competitor on their shoulder and give him/her the OK that their firearm is safe.

The Line is Clear; Shooters may go forward and reset the pins – At this time the red down range warning light will be turned on, the shooters will go to the pin tables and reset the pins. During this time period, while shooters are down range, absolutely no firearm shall be handled by anyone. If a shooter wishes to pick up his own brass, he/she may do so after resetting his/her pins on the pin table. Otherwise, all brass shall be collected at the end of the match and distributed to those who wish to receive any.

The Rules

1. All loading of pistol or rifle magazines and/or speed loaders will be done at the Loading Table. NO firearm is to be transported to the Firing Line in a loaded condition. Firearms must be unloaded with empty chamber indicators in place until you are on the Firing Line. No holsters are used in this game.

2. Loading of Rifles will be done at the Firing Line at the beginning of each relay and only when the command to load is given.

3. A maximum of twenty-four (24) rounds is allowed for any relay, with no more than 8 rounds loaded in a magazine at any one time. Rifles with tubular magazines may be loaded with no more than 12 rounds at a time.

4. Winners of each relay are determined as follows: Once a shooter’s pins or tops are toppled, the Range Officer shall either declared “Cease Fire” or sound a Second Signal. For all RIFLE relays, simply the toppling of a full pin or pin top is required. For all CENTER FIRE PISTOLS/REVOLVERS relays, the full 10-pin must be off the table and on the ground. For all RIM FIRE PISTOLS/REVOLVERS relays, the pin top must be toppled. If, after firing 24 rounds at the appropriate targets, a pin or pin top still stands, the shooter with the most pins on the ground (as appropriate) or pin tops toppled shall be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a three pin/pin top, 8 round maximum tie-breaker shall be fired upon the resetting of the proper targets.

5. Alibis may be called for range failures only. Range failures may consist of a procedural error in firing commands or the table fails to support the pins during a relay. There shall be no alibis for firearm malfunction. The shooter must clear the malfunction and continue to shoot until a table is
cleared OR 24 rounds of ammunition have been fired. Reliability of your firearm is part of the game and there will be no re-shoots for firearm failures.

6. A cease fire may be called by any shooter whether on the line or as a spectator. Upon the call of a cease fire, all shooters shall immediately stop firing, keep their firearm pointed down range, and wait for further instructions.

7. Everyone shall remain behind the extended firing line while relays are in progress.

EFFECTIVE 2/3/2020

Click here to download and print these Rules and Commands.