Frequently Asked Questions

Q – When and where are the monthly meetings?
A – It is held on the 2nd Monday every month at our clubhouse at the range.

Q – How do I get into the range after I paid my dues?
A – You will be issued a membership card for the year. On it will appear a number which is the combination to open all locks at the site. Remember, it is not to be given out to anyone!!

Q – Are there toilet facilities at the range?
A – Yes – currently an outhouse, however future plans call for an upgrade.

Q – Why does the club have “workdays”?
A – Our club is run entirely by its members. We have always relied on membership manpower to complete various tasks. These same active members show up, unfortunately age is creeping up on many of them. We may, at some point in the near future, have to pay professionals for the upkeep of the site.

Q – Does the club sponsor any other type of activity, ie : offshore fishing trip, group travel to gun shows or other outdoor shows?
A – If there is a call for such a trip from the membership, the club would be happy to set it up.

Q – Can I bring my family in to shoot?
A – Yes, as a Members you may sponsor up to 2 people per visit for a One Day Membership or Junior Membership to the Club at a fee of $5. Please refer to the One Day Membership policy for more details. (Note: a junior is between the ages of 12 to 17 and must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian that is a current club member).

Q – Why is using the signing book so important?
A – We use this book for a number of reasons; 1) to keep track of range usage. This information helps us plan for range improvements and modifications; 2) It protects you as a shooter if you are stopped by police for any reason and they question the presence of a firearm. You would have proof of your presence at the range. 3) It assists us in identifying non-members using the ranges.

Q – Must I become an NRA member to be a member of the WSC?
A – No, but it is strongly encouraged that you do become a member of the NRA.