WSC Comprehensive Pistol Shoot Rules

Overview: The comprehensive pistol shoot event is designed to challenge participants in shooting safety, speed and accuracy. As part of the timed challenge, participants will move through four (4) shooting positions incorporating four (4) different types of targets and at least two different firearms (centerfire and rimfire).

Objective:The ability to demonstrate the safe handling of firearms along with accuracy, speed and shooting abilities. Participants are scored on time, total hits on target and safe handling of firearms and ammunition.

Equipment: Participants will supply their own eye and hearing protection, a rim fire semiautomatic pistol with at least 3 magazines, a center fire semiautomatic pistol with at least 3 magazines and all necessary ammunition. Note: a centerfire revolver may be substituted for the centerfire semiautomatic pistol with prior approval of the event coordinator. The WSC will provide all necessary targets, empty chamber indicators, timing devices, RSOs (Range Safety Officer(s) and Event Leader.

Procedures: All WSC policies and rules shall be in effect including WSC Range rules, safety procedures and One Day Membership/Junior Membership policies. Day of event set-up and registration will begin 1 hour prior to start time. Pistol range will be closed to all other activities during the event (minimum of 2 hours); firearms shall be placed on bench/table indicated for such with actions opened and empty chamber indicators in place. Ammunition, magazines and speed loaders placed on a separate bench/table indicated for such. Magazines and speed loaders maybe loaded. Once the event has started as indicated by the event coordinator/leader or designee no one may handle firearms, magazines or ammunition until instructed to do so by the event coordinator/leader or designee. Prior to starting event the coordinator/leader will conduct a safety orientation/review and complete the WSC safety task list.

Event Preparation:
Position 1- Dueling Trees: Coordinator/leader will call on participant to place a centerfire semiautomatic pistol with chamber opened facing up and ECI in place for inspection by RSO along with 2 centerfire magazines loaded with a total of 12 rounds at position 1 (note, a double action revolver with 2 speed loaders may be used with the event leaders approval. Revolver will be placed with barrel opened and ECI in place).
Position 2- Bowling Pin tops:  A rimfire semiautomatic pistol with action opened, chamber facing up and ECI in place for inspection by RSO along with1 rimfire magazine loaded with 10 rounds (10 bowling pin tops only).
Position 3- Paper Plate Targets: 2 rimfire magazine with a total of 10 rounds (5 plate targets).
Position 4- Full Size Bowling Pins: One (1) centerfire magazine with 6 rounds (6 full size bowling pins). Note (If a double action revolver is used at position 1 it must also be used at position 4. Participant may place a speed loader with 6 rounds at position 4).

Start of Event
Participant will then move to starting position 1. RSO/coach will inspect firearms, magazines and ammunition.
Event Leader or designee will sound a device and start timer, participant will proceed to:

Position 1: (dueling trees) remove empty chamber indicator, load and fire at dueling tree 1, reload and fire at dueling tree two (note plates need only be hit by bullet not spun around. Participant may fire at the same plate on each respective tree but must fire 6 rounds at tree 1 and 6 rounds at tree 2), remove magazine, open action, move with firearm in hand and pointed in a safe direction to position 4 and place unloaded firearm on shelf at position 4 pointed in a safe direction with action opened then move to position 2 at opposite end of firing line, (far left). Note: if a revolver is used at position 1 the barrel must be opened when moving to position 4 and placing on shelf.

Position 2: (10 bowling pin tops at 25feet) remove ECI, load and fire at and knock over pin tops (do not need to clear table), remove empty magazine and place on shelf. Move right to position 3 with rimfire pistol in hand, action opened and muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
Note: All 10 rounds must be fired from position 2 before continuing.

Position 3: (5 plate targets at 25 feet) With rimfire pistol load and fire at plates striking each plate 2 times for a total of 10 rounds fired with 1 magazine change. Remove magazine, open action and place firearm along with empty magazines on shelf at position 3. Move right to position 

Position 4: (6 full size bowling pins at 50 feet) Load aim and fire at bowling pins, and knock over only necessary. Remove empty magazine from firearm, open action, raise both arms indicating completion of the round. Time stops when last round is fired.
(Note: centerfire revolvers and speed loaders may be substituted in positions 1 and 4 with approval of event Leader)

Upon completion RSO will instruct participant to install ECI in both firearms, move firearms and place firearms arms magazines on the appropriate benches.

Scoring: Based on speed, accuracy and safety. One second equals 1 point. Five (5) points will be awarded (deducted from total time) for each target hit and pin knocked over. Ten (10) points will be added for each miss on target or pin, Ten points added for each safety infraction, i.e.: not having action opened, moving with finger on trigger, not maintaining safe direction of muzzle. Moving with loaded firearm will result in disqualification. The participant with the lowest score will be declared the winner.

Cost: Participants will pay a $5 entry fee.

Club estimated expenses for season (7 events)
Empty chamber indicator…………..$20
Paper plate targets………………………. $10
Bowling pins……………………………….. $50
Target table repair……………………….$100
Dulling tree target depreciation…….$70
Total estimated expense ……………..$250
EFFECTIVE 4/4/2018
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