Steel Challenge


The Steel Challenge shooting event is designed to incorporate shooting safety, speed, and accuracy. In this challenge participants will move through two different shooting positions: off the bench and off hand.


The ability to demonstrate the safe handling of firearms along with accuracy and speed. Participants are scored on time, total hits on target, and safe handling of firearms and ammunition.


Participants will supply their own eye and hearing protection, a rifle and all necessary ammunition. The WSC will provide all necessary targets, empty chamber indicators, timing devices, Range Safety Officer (RSO) and Event Coordinator.


All WSC policies and rules shall be in effect including WSC range rules, safety procedures, and if appropriate, one day membership/junior membership policies. Day of event set-up and registration will begin one hour prior to start time. Two positions on the Rifle range will be closed during the event for a minimum of two hours. Firearms shall be placed rifle racks provided with actions opened and empty chamber indicators (ECI) in place. Ammunition and magazines will be placed on a separate bench/table indicated for such. Magazines may be loaded. Once the event has started, as indicated by the Event Coordinator, or designee, no one may handle firearms, magazines or ammunition until instructed to do so by the Event Coordinator, or designee. Prior to starting the event, the Event Coordinator will conduct a safety orientation/review and complete the WSC safety task list.

Start of Event:

There will be five 12” steel targets at the 100-yard berm, 1 extreme left, 1 extreme right, 3 centered 1 high 2 low. One 12” x 18” paper target at the 50 yard berm.
When the Event Coordinator activates the timer, the participant will load his rifle in the bench rest position. He/she will fire 5 rounds at the 50-yard target and then fire 4 rounds at each steel targets going from target 1 to target 5, four times. At the completion of that, he/she will reload and assume the off-hand position and repeat the previous course of fire. After the last shot, the timing ends and the participant will bench their firearm and install the ECI.


The Event Coordinator and the RSO will be recording the hits on the targets. For every hit his/her raw time will be reduced by five seconds. For every miss, his/her raw time will be increased by ten seconds. For each safety infraction his/her raw time will be increased by ten seconds. The participate with the lowest score will be declared the winner.

All targets will be made using AR 500 steel 3/4 inch thick. Any firearm up to .30 caliber with a muzzle velocity below 2800 FPS is acceptable. No armor piercing ammo will be allowed. Iron sights or scope mounted rifles will be allowed.