Trap Rules of Etiquette

All Guns will be kept unloaded, on the gun racks or in their case with actions opened (empty chamber indicators are recommended) until shooters squad are called to the trap line.

When carrying guns to the Trap line guns most be unloaded, pointing in a safe direction with actions opened.

Suitable EYE and ear PROTECTION are MANDATORY in the range areas. The use of suitable eye and ear protection is suggested in all other areas of the club property.

Ammunition must be 71/2, 8 or 9 shot.

Shooters may not load a round in their gun chamber until the shooter 2 places ahead of them has fired their round. Actions must remain opened until it is your turn to call shoot.

Only one round will be loaded at a time (unless shooting the game of doubles).

All Guns actions: Pump, Semi-automatic, Hinge and Bolt will remain opened until it is the shooters turn to call for a target. Shooters will not close their actions and mount their guns until the previous shooter (normally to your left) has fired their round.

Shooters will not hold their gun in any way that is distracting to other Shooters (e.g. mounting the shotgun)

The Event Leader or designee will be in charge of the line, releasing targets and calling for line rotation. Commands are; is the line ready; commence firing, cease-fire, and make safe, pull.

Any member can call a Cease-fire. When a cease-fire is called shooter must unload their guns, open the actions and point muzzles in a safe direction. Shooters will wait for further instructions from the Event Leader or Range Officer

Shooters will please refrain from talking with each other while on post. Non-shooters in shooting shed should maintain quiet conversation.

Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction when moving to and from and between stations. Pump and automatic action guns must have actions opened; Brake action guns must be opened.

Be ready to shoot when your squad is called, and when it’s your turn to shoot in the squad.

The person in position #1 at the beginning of the first round will be the leadoff first shooter for each rotation of that squad. The leadoff shooter prior to calling for 5th target each round will announce to the squad “last round”.

A full round of singles Trap consist of each shooter firing at 5 targets from all 5 shooting post for a total of 25 targets. Each shooter will shoot one target at a time until all shooters have shot at 5 targets. After the last shooter has shot at their last target the event leader will call a cease-fire and instruct shooters to make safe and change positions. At that time shooters
will move to the next position. This will continue until all shooters have shot 5 rounds from all 5 posts.

Do not lean over each time to pick a shell out of a box on the ground or to pick up empties. Have your shells where you don’t have to stoop to get them. Carry spare shells in case you drop one.

Do not raise/mount your gun until the shooter ahead of you fires.

Remain on your post, stand facing the trap quietly, until the fifth person has fired their fifth shot, and then move to the next post. At the end of the round, remain still on your post facing the trap field until the last person has fired the last shot. If you are leadoff, do not fire until you have checked and ensured that all members of the squad are on their posts and ready.

Do not allow ejected shells from your gun to hit or annoy other shooters. Automatic shotguns should be equipped with a shell catcher unless shooting doubles. Pump and brake actions should be opened slowly in order to catch the shell.

Time your shooting to establish a rhythm in the squad. Call for your target in a clear voice.

Observe all safety rules. Ear and eye protection are mandatory. Do not point your gun at another person, even if you think it’s unloaded. When on station always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!

Note: For a round of Doubles Trap Shooters will need 50 rounds of ammunition. Shooters may load only 2 rounds of ammunition per round. When “Pull” is called 2 clay pigeons will be launched from the trap house, one slightly right and one slightly left of center.

These Rules of Etiquette are specific to the WSC. Though other clubs and organizations will have similar rules it is always advisable to consult with the Event Leader or Range Officer for Rules of Etiquette specific to that range and event.

Adopted: May 8, 2017

Click here to download and print these rules.